Company History

Company History

Founded in 1997 by Andrew Mosley, the company has grown steadily since its foundation and now has close to 20 staff working from the head office in Oyne - 25 miles from Aberdeen. Technical Consultant, Richard Robinson, started working with the company in 2006. Andrew and Richard both originate from a wellhead manufacturing background and hold over 50 years of combined experience within the oil and gas industry.

AS Mosley Strategy for Growth

Since its inception the company has steadily grown in both client base and employees. At AS Mosley we pride ourselves on the calibre of our engineers and our assertion of a steady pace of growth has allowed us to maintain a high end, bespoke analysis service to our clients.

The emphasis at AS Mosley is to develop our young graduates to become highly cognisant engineers capable of conducting complex and challenging analyses. We ensure the right concentration of experience for every job we perform, and place high importance on continuous growth to ensure we can accommodate the level of training and hands-on experience needed to achieve this.

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