Landing String Selection and Global Riser Analysis completed for BP’s Shah Deniz

Posted on 31st July 2018

AS Mosley has recently completed Landing String selection and Global Riser Analysis on BP’s Shah Deniz field.

Shah Deniz is situated in the Caspian Sea and is BP’s largest ever gas discovery and one of the biggest gas-condensate fields in the world. Shah Deniz Stage 2 is a $45 bn project that will supply Caspian gas to Europe for the first time via the Southern Gas Corridor.

AS Mosley was contracted to specify 7 5/8” Landing String and perform Global Riser Analysis for the proposed completion operations over a range of water depths from 70m to 580m from the Istiglal semi-submersible vessel.

The project was a success, with the fatigue life of the critical component in the system greatly improved by incorporating advanced analytical techniques.  This involved applying a full operational stress histogram to detailed non-linear Stress Transfer Functions for the critical hot spots. The improvements in accuracy resulted in a significant increase in fatigue life sufficient for the duration of the campaign.

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