Promotion for Matthew Harker

Posted on 26th June 2024

Matthew Harker started with AS Mosley as Graduate Analysis Engineer nearly two years ago. He’s now finished his initial training and been promoted to Analysis Engineer. Congratulations Matthew! It’s been great working with you over the last couple of years and we’ll look forward to growing with you in the years ahead. Find out more about Matthew below.

Name: Matthew Harker

Job title: Analysis Engineer

How long have you worked for AS Mosley: Neary two years. 

Where did you study: Robert Gordon University

What is your degree in: Meng Mechanical Engineering

Where are you from originally: Aberdeen

Where do you live now: Aberdeen

What attracted you to AS Mosley: A smaller company doing really interesting work.

How did you find your apprenticeship with AS Mosley? I learned a lot about the industry and analysis work, from project to project my responsilbiites have increased and I now feel prepared to work as an Analysis Engineer.

Any advice to anyone else thinking of becoming an apprentice: It's great to try and understand things by yourself, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues.

What do you like about AS Mosley: The team is great, the work in interesting and the office is in a beautiful location.

Any dislikes (be honest): Honestly, nothing.

What would you like to achieve: To continue to learn and grow in my ablilites to be a useful and efficient Analysis Engineer.

What’s your ideal job: I’m not sure, something dynamic and interesting.

What’s your favourite food: Chinese food

What are your interests:  Music, Miniature Painting, Computer Games, Larping, Anything Nerdy Really

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time: Spending time with my wife and 2 year old son and working on my hobbies. 

What’s your biggest achievement so far (anything at all): I have won several painting competions.

Favourite place: Disney World Florida

Next holiday: Potentially looking at going to Florida next summer