Dynamic Riser Analysis

Dynamic Riser Analysis

A dynamic riser is part of a floating production system. It can either be a top tensioned rigid steel riser or a floating flexible riser.

Loading on the dynamic riser is attributed to hull motions as well as wave and current loading. The riser motion in turn also affects the hull motion.

The dynamic riser is designed for (but not limited to) normal operating conditions (i.e. operating internal pressures, hydrostatic pressures, thermal loads etc.), extreme conditions (storm loading) and accidental conditions (1000+Yr storm loads, failed mooring line, loss of tensioners etc). Fatigue loading due to wave and vessel motion, as well as vortex induced vibrations must also be investigated to ensure the risers life meets its design requirement.

AS Mosley performs global dynamic riser analysis to determine the operating limits of dynamic risers  and their fatigue life. The riser analysis will be verified against respective industry standard codes to ensure its integrity against failure modes such as pipe burst, collapse due to external over-pressure and collapse due to pure bending.

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