Flexible Riser Analysis

Flexible Riser Analysis - AS Mosley

Flexible Riser Analysis

AS Mosley provides Flexible Riser Analysis for the oil & gas industry. Flexible risers are multi-layered composite pipes used with floating production systems. The layers act together to provide pressure and fluid containment whilst allowing large deflections without significant increases in bending stresses.

Flexible production risers are typically designed for extreme storm loading both from wave, current and vessel motions. Other design issues include avoiding clashing with other risers, umbilicals and mooring lines, interface loads both at the turret and at touchdown, and first order wave fatigue.

AS Mosley provides global riser analysis of flexible and umbilical lines, buoyancy modules, bend limiters and stiffeners, turrets and mooring lines. Also included in the analyses are considerations for ancillary devices such as mid-water arches. Hence, design consideration is given to alternative riser configurations, such as free hanging, lazy-S and the Chinese lantern.

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