Global Riser Analysis

Global riser analysis is performed to determine the loading on riser systems and subsea equipment, including the wellhead.

The riser loading can be external or internal and caused by:

          • Environmental Wave Loading
          • Environmental Current Loading
          • Vessel Motion in response to Environmental Loading
          • Applied Axial Tension
          • Internal Pressure from Wellbore or Test
          • Hydrostatic Pressure from External Seawater and Mud Contents

Analysis is carried out to verify the system under extreme and accidental loading and to determine the limits during installation and operation. Furthermore, the accumulative fatigue damage is calculated on all equipment to ensure adequate service life of the riser and to provide a history of damage for the overall life of the well.

Design Optimisation

AS Mosley provides design optimisation to maximise operating limits and fatigue life of deepwater and shallow water riser systems. We have experience with low-pressure and high-pressure risers with operations performed from anchored or dynamically positioned vessels as well as fixed structures.


We perform Global Riser Analysis for steel top tensioned risers using OrcaFlex and Flexcom. Our expertise in using this software stems from over 100 combined years of experience. Based in Aberdeen, we deliver Global Riser Analysis across the globe.

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