Platform Conductor Analysis

Platform Conductor Analysis

Platform Conductor Analysis - including Jack-ups - is required for a range of operational applications including jack-up drilling exploration wells, platform well tie-backs, Jacket slot recovery / workover and production wells. The conductor is the main component of the well to experience loading from a range of sources including:

  • Environmental¬† (current and wave)
  • Platform/Jack-up dynamic movement
  • Surface equipment mass
  • Internal casing axial loads

AS Mosley conducts assessments to determine the complex loading on the conductor determining: the axial load sharing and load out on the conductor for various stages of installation; minimum tension setting requirements; extreme storm structural strength and stability assessment; maximum forces imparted into jacket guides; wave and VIV fatigue; and thermal load expansion / contraction during production phase.

Typical problems should consider jacket-subsea well tie back maximum misalignment criteria, conductor and connector survival acceptability for prescribed extreme storm loads and optimal centraliser placement requirements between the well strings as well as any platform guides. For thermal load assessments, it is important to understand the decrease in tensile load on the inner casing string and the relief of compressive loads on the conductor during hot production conditions. The increase in compression on the conductor during cold kill operations can be significant in relation to the strength and stability of the system.

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