Wellhead and Conductor Assessments

Wellhead and conductor assessments

Wellhead and Conductor Assessments

Wellhead and conductor systems are subject to loading from connected riser operations.

Wellhead loading can come from the following sources:

      • Static and dynamic loads imparted through vessel motions
      • Environmental wave loading induced through the riser
      • Environmental current induced loading
      • Static and dynamic axial tension loads
      • Accidental events such as a single mooring line failure or dynamic positioning drift off/drive off scenario

Operating envelopes for connected riser operations and a calculated fatigue life are typical outputs of a wellhead and conductor assessment.

Loading on subsea wellhead and conductors has increased significantly in the past few years due to 5th and 6th generation drilling vessels. The large subsea BOP’s often have a natural frequency of between 3 to 6 seconds, which often coincides with the wave frequency. This results in BOP dynamics which can induce a high number of cycles, often consuming a large portion of the allowable fatigue damage during drilling of the well. The structural strength and fatigue resistance of a wellhead and conductor system is required to be certified before operations can be safely performed.

It is also prudent during the well planning stage that the potential for a cement shortfall is considered. Analysis is performed by AS Mosley to investigate the effect of either an external cement shortfall and/or a shortfall between the surface casing and conductor. Figure 1 provides an example of an external cement shortfall which can occur during well construction where cement returns to mudline are not achieved.

External cement shortfall example AS Mosley


Figure 1 – External Cement Shortfall Example


AS Mosley has over 25 years of experience in managing wellhead and conductor assessments, ensuring that operating limits are maximised and fatigue damage minimised. The detailed analysis performed by our engineers provides operators with a prediction of the structural loading and fatigue damage expected from planned operations. Our experience with challenging North Sea wells drilled several decades ago is unique, providing us with valuable lessons learned which allow us to support operations.


Key Projects

Some of the key Wellhead and Conductor Assessment projects AS Mosley has worked on are listed below:

        •  BP Quad 204, Design and optmisation of the conductor and casings
        •  BP Magnus D5 and D6 abandonment, Analysis of a dual stack 13 5/8" wellhead during operations from a modern MODU
        • Chevon Indonesia, Wellhead and Conductor Assessment for 6th Gen Drillship operations
        • Shell North Sea 2019 abandonment campaign, 26 wells consisting of 9 different configurations across a range of fields.


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