Well Integrity

Well integrity analysis

Global riser analysis is performed for each stage in the development of a well (e.g. drilling, drill stem test, completion, workover, side track and abandonment). For each mode the well integrity is assessed in order to ensure that the tree, wellhead and conductor are never overloaded – even during accidental conditions.

The fatigue damage for each stage is determined and a summation of damage is performed in order to ensure that there is sufficient life for all planned and contingency operations over the full life of the well.

Wellhead and Conductor Systems

If required, wellhead and conductor systems can be optimised through analysis before installation. In extreme conditions new wellhead systems have been designed in order to overcome the effects of BOP dynamics induced on the wellhead from the very heavy BOPs of deepwater 6th and 7th generation drilling rigs. Furthermore, in addition to strength and fatigue analysis a stability assessment of the wellhead and conductor system can be performed for certain challenging conditions.

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