AS Mosley welcomes two graduates to support growth

AS Mosley has invested in two graduate trainee programmes after welcoming engineering graduates, Kenneth Morton and Prasanth Thangaraj, to its team. The move comes as part of the firm’s growth strategy, following an uplift in contracts over the last six months.

Trainee Engineering Analysis Graduates, Kenneth Morton and Prasanth Thangaraj

Andrew Mosley, Managing Director, comments: “We’re pleased to see an upsurge in business, as our clients invest in their assets and new technology.  It’s an exciting time, but as a company, we need to think of the long term and make sure that we have the right skills in place to support future projects.  Finding staff with such niche skills can be difficult, so we feel training is our only option.  It can take up to two years to train staff to a competent level and we need to be sure to have enough work lined up to support recruitment, so it’s a tricky balance.  It’s nice to give graduates the opportunity to put their degrees into use and to give them practical experience in their subject.”

Engineering Graduate Trainee from the University of Aberdeen, Kenneth Morton, started with the firm earlier this year.  He said: “As an industry, Oil and Gas has been going through a period of restructuring and, as a result, recruitment of graduates has been very limited for the past couple of years. Things seem to be changing and I feel fortunate to be involved with a company that has strength and ambition, as well as great ethics. I feel very grateful, as many of my friends from University haven’t been as lucky in finding jobs in engineering.”

Starting at the same time as Kenneth, Engineering Graduate, Prasanth, who graduated from Robert Gordon University also comments:  “It’s great to have the opportunity to put the skills I learned at University into practice and to be working with a firm that is so well regarded in the industry and has so much expertise.  I’m looking forward to working with colleagues and learning from them.”

Currently employing 17 staff, AS Mosley plans to take on another two graduate over the next three months.  The company has good relationships with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Engineering and Robert Gordon University; it works closely with both universities to identify suitable candidates.

AS Mosley was established in 1997.  The company is an Oil & Gas subsea design and analysis consultancy, specialising in global riser design and analysis of shallow and deepwater systems.  Its expertise covers wellhead and conductor structural integrity, including wellhead monitoring. Furthermore, the firm has a long history with lightweight subsea intervention systems and provides support for the SURF markets (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines).  It works globally for its clients, carrying out complex analysis and design of equipment using innovative technology and highly advanced tools.

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Pinakin tackles Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Congratulations to one of AS Mosley’s Analysis Engineers, Pinakin Patel, who recently completed the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

The trek, which encircles Annapurna Massif in the Himalayas, totalling around 250 km in length with the highest pass being a mere 5416m above sea level. It took Pinakin 13 days to complete the feat, which he’s been training for over the last 6 months. Tilicho Lake (pictured below), was one of the lakes he passed along the way; it is situated 4920m above sea level.

Commenting on the trek, Pinakin said: “I have always been fascinated with Himalayas; Annapurna is one of the most popular treks in the world, known for its ever-changing scenery, tall glacier mountains, quaint mountain villages and Nepali hospitality. Trekking in Annapurna was such an exuberant experience and one that I’ll never forget.”

Spectacular – well done Pinakin!

We are recruiting!

Vacancy: Graduate Analysis Engineer

AS Mosley specialises in the design of surface and subsea equipment for the oil and gas industry. We offer a comprehensive range of analysis capabilities to oil and gas operators, service companies and manufacturers worldwide.

An opportunity has arisen for a Graduate Analysis Engineer to assist in the design and assessment of subsea exploration and production equipment and perform riser and wellhead analyses using Flexcom and Orcaflex software and non-linear structural analyses using ANSYS.

The deadline for this position is: 31 October 2018

For more information, please visit our Careers Page.

AS Mosley runs Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support

This week, the team at AS Mosley took part in MacMillan Cancer Support's annual Coffee Morning fundraising campaign.

All staff got involved in the Coffee Morning and together we were pleased to raise £95 for the charity. The cake went down a treat! It was great to raise funds in such a fun way for something that really is very serious.

The Macmillan Coffee Morning is known as The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and this year it took place today, Friday 28th September, where many companies and individuals from across the UK come together to host a coffee morning and raise funds for Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer. Last year, the campaign raised over £27 million. It's a super cause and we're pleased to have supported it.

Thank you to all those who took part and donated.

For more information on Macmillan Cancer Support visit the charity's website.

Case Study: Ultra Deepwater Marine Riser Analysis

Introducing our latest case study on an Ultra Deepwater Marine Riser Analysis project...

AS Mosley was recently contracted to support marine riser operations from a new build Ultra Deepwater (UDW) drillship, as part of a long-term drilling programme offshore Indonesia. Global riser analysis was performed for the shallow (500m), mid (1000m) and ultra deep (1900m) water depths to cover all planned marine riser operations.

Read the full case study here.

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Building relationships and co-operation are way to go


This week, the Press and Journal interviewed our Director, Andrew Mosley, as part of their weekly initiative to ask small businesses key questions.

How and why did you start in business?

I started in an old converted church and expected to be twiddling my thumbs waiting for the phone to ring.

But the timing was right and there were plenty of companies needing specialist experience designing intervention riser systems.

My grandfather had run his own company and was an early influence; he sowed the seed of enterprise.

How did you get to where you are today?

I left school at 16 and served an apprenticeship in toolmaking.

I then started night school before leaving full-time employment to study maths and physics, which I funded with part-time jobs.

I later joined British Aerospace as a graduate subsea engineer, and embarked on a double degree at Cranfield and Compiegne Uninversity in France.

By the time I entered the oil industry I was confident academically and practical, perfect for engineering analysis.

I worked with a wellhead manufacturer before starting AS Mosley 20 years ago.

Who helped you?

I am a firm believer in co-operation, and enjoy building relationships with other businesspeople for mutual support.

I joined the Federation of Small Businesses, which has provided me with ongoing assistance, while my wife, Doris, has helped to keep me grounded and positive.

What has been your biggest mistake?

All mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve.

My biggest opportunity for improvement was not expanding the business sooner.

What is your greatest achievement?

After failing my 11-plus, I feel proud to now hold three engineering degrees.

But my greatest achievement is my physics “O” Level, which gave me the confidence I needed to achieve academically.

If you were in power in government, what would you change?

I’d seek a close relationship with our Europeans partners.

I remember the excitement and optimism after the Single European Act was signed in 1986, so feel sad with how things have turned out.

What do you still hope to achieve?

I’ve been renovating my house for the past 17 years. It would be nice to finally sit back and enjoy it.

What do you do to relax?

My wife and I feel blessed to have a large family, which keeps us busy.

As well as enjoying the outdoors, my wife and I teach Scottish dancing in the reeling tradition.

We organise two dances a year in Oyne as fundraisers for the local community.

What are you currently reading, listening to or glued to on the TV?

Being dyslexic, I am a slow reader. I am currently plodding through Barry Cunliffe’s Britain Begins, a history of the origins of the British and Irish peoples. It’s fascinating.

What do you waste your money on?

Kilt paraphernalia and lawnmowers.

It took me 10 years living in Scotland before I wore a kilt but I’m now hooked, with a vast wardrobe.

Lawnmowers … well you can never have enough.

I spend more time on my Stiga Titan than I do in my car.

How would your friends describe you?

Sociable, friendly and fun-loving.

I don’t take myself too seriously.

What would your enemies say about you?

I am quite tolerant so don’t attract many enemies.

What do you drive and dream of driving?

I drive a Land Rover Defender, which I bought during the record winter snows of 2010.

Someone later said you should never drive your Land Rover in the winter because it corrodes the ungalvanized chassis – always do your research.

We haven’t had a bad winter since – never panic buy.

The best thing about the Defender is that you always get a wave from other owners.

It’s nice to have a friendly car that gets waved at – it gives me feeling of belonging.

I dream of driving a Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, a fully electric version of the classic micro camper van planned for release in 2022.

Landing String Selection and Global Riser Analysis completed for BP’s Shah Deniz

AS Mosley has recently completed Landing String selection and Global Riser Analysis on BP’s Shah Deniz field.

Shah Deniz is situated in the Caspian Sea and is BP’s largest ever gas discovery and one of the biggest gas-condensate fields in the world. Shah Deniz Stage 2 is a $45 bn project that will supply Caspian gas to Europe for the first time via the Southern Gas Corridor.

AS Mosley was contracted to specify 7 5/8” Landing String and perform Global Riser Analysis for the proposed completion operations over a range of water depths from 70m to 580m from the Istiglal semi-submersible vessel.

The project was a success, with the fatigue life of the critical component in the system greatly improved by incorporating advanced analytical techniques.  This involved applying a full operational stress histogram to detailed non-linear Stress Transfer Functions for the critical hot spots. The improvements in accuracy resulted in a significant increase in fatigue life sufficient for the duration of the campaign.

To read the full case study on this project visit:


Fraser completes first marathon, raising £2500 for charity

Congratulations go to Fraser Garrow of AS Mosley, who recently completed the Edinburgh Marathon in aid of PSC Support, raising £2500…and counting.

PSC Support helps people affected by Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), a rare auto-immune liver disease affecting one in 10,000 people in the UK.  As well as driving research, the charity provides crucial support to sufferers.

Fraser was diagnosed with PSC two years ago.  Although the condition causes fatigue, he continues to enjoy his life-long hobby of running.  Following a hilly half marathon last year, he decided to embark on the challenge of a full Marathon.  After 16 weeks of intense training, he crossed the finishing line in just 3 hours, 28 minutes - a super time for his first marathon!

Fraser comments: “Even though I’m a keen runner, this was a real test! But the fact I was doing it for such a worthy cause, helped get me through.  I feel very proud to have contributed and to have helped raise awareness of PSC.  Currently, there is no known cure for the illness, so the support provided by PSC Support is even more important for those battling the condition.  It was a great experience and I’m pleased to have bagged my first marathon before I turn 30 (just!).”

For more information about PSC Support, visit  To read Fraser’s story or donate to the cause visit:  Virgin Money Giving

Go Fraser!